Dress Up Bear

There are 15 different styles of shoes tags to choose from, including sweet girl sets, cool boy sets, clothes with collars, hats, and cute little ones.

Have fun and name them as you dress up your chubby bear.





Customize Now!

These lovely shoes tags are a must-have because they can be dressed up in 15 different styles, including military officer, air hostess, chef, boy scout, cowboy, little girl and many more.

Each shoes tags design in this set will make your bear look different, so choose whichever you like. It’s quick and easy to use, and great for both gifting and reselling.


You can add add text lettering with playful features such as curving or waves.

There are many fonts to choose from that include all standard characters with attractive and traditional designs.

Add tags to your shoelace to create fashionable shoes and prevent someone switch them around.

There are eyelets for lacing up the shoes, so you can directly lace them up too.

Or if you want to make it look cooler, you can tie laces in a different way.